LightHub is a tool developed by Lighthouse Law aimed at making life easier for in-house lawyers and enabling more effective collaboration between legal and business teams.

LightHub’s interface is simple to use and is structured as a single point of access to a suite of products and services that navigate the contracting process, from initial instructions through to contract generation, negotiation, execution and ongoing contract management. “My Learned Friend”, our dedicated knowledge bank, helps you to understand and work with contract terms and gives you easy access to relevant information on commercial mechanisms, operational content and process. LightHub will keep you up to date on all of your matters, using data and reporting that actually matters to you and is easy to use as management information. It’s scalable and flexible, and we have a range of pricing options depending on your needs.

Why LightHub?

  • Saves you time
  • Cuts down on your email traffic
  • Brings all your legal management tools into one place
  • Great learning tool for new joiners
  • Self-help tool for sales, business and procurement
  • Helps you to report and make decisions
  • Brings order, organisation and focus to your business
  • Can be white-labelled and branded with your branding so that it reflects your corporate identity.

Could LightHub be useful for your business? Watch this short video to find out more.

streamlines instruction process: requests for contract generation and/or support are submitted through an interactive questionnaire, simplifying and expediting the initial instruction process
automatically generates contracts: coding and automation of your contracts with the click of a few buttons and increasing control over the use of the correct starting templates
enables electronic signature: manages signature of contracts electronically in a secure and intuitive environment
enables contract management: a customisable contract management solution which allows you to upload and manage your contracts throughout their lifespan
gives you access to know-how at your fingertips: access to our knowledge bank, My Learned Friend, explaining key terms and principles, commentary and processes
provides customised data and reporting: detailed client data analysis and reporting, keeping you up to date on your matters with business-pertinent information and user-friendly metrics

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