Who we are

Lighthouse is an innovative legal services provider

We give expert advice on the best way to structure, negotiate and manage commercial contracts - both big and small. Our solutions work to meet the needs of large scale transactions and high volumes of commercial contracts.

Our business is all about supporting yours. We build our service around understanding our clients' objectives, providing expert legal guidance with price certainty. We believe creating strong and enduring relationships is key - we work to become part of your team and get to know your business as well as you do.

We understand the importance of practical advice that works in the real business world and our legal support is therefore always grounded in the realities of our clients' commercial needs.

We see communication as essential to the success of partnerships with our clients, so we aim to be available and responsive. We proactively make sure that you have the information you need to be kept up to date on all matters we are engaged on.

We appreciate the need for both certainty of price and quality of outcome. So we build our commercial relationships with a view to achieving both.

Our business is all about supporting yours


Lighthouse Law is built with a focus on transformation and BBBEE and has majority black ownership.

We are proud to be a BBBEE level two contributor under the Revised Codes of Good Practice 2013. We are committed to transformation as a fundamental company value.  A key component of this is The Lighthouse Academy, launched in January 2018, our training and skills development program for BBBEE law graduates who are interested in pursuing alternative training opportunities to what is traditionally offered in South Africa's legal sector.

Our Structure

Our group comprises of LH Law (registered as Luckan Heyns Inc), a South African registered and regulated law firm, and Lighthouse Law (registered as CR Legal Services Pty Ltd). Justin Cornish, CEO of Lighthouse Law, is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.